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EMDR | Somatic Therapy | Play Therapy 

Mind-Body Psychotherapy

Hi, I'm Alyssa Mullen, a Trauma and Attachment-Based Somatic Psychotherapist.

Are you, your child, or relationship grappling with difficult reactions? Having intrusive thoughts? Repeating old patterns? Struggling to process a challenging event or trauma? You might be feeling stuck and unsure of how to help yourself. You want to feel more confident and less impacted by triggers.


I specialize in EMDR, Synergetic Play Therapy, and PACT (Psychobiological Approach to Couples Therapy). My expertise stems from training under esteemed clinicians in the fields of psychophysiology, attachment theory, trauma research, and interpersonal neurobiology. Through a blend of interventions which target the interconnectedness between mind, memory, and physiology, I assist children, adults, parents, and couples in overcoming their anxiety, depression, dissociation, intrusive thoughts, conflict, and traumas. 


If you are seeking attachment-based or relationship-based therapy...

You may have inherited an operating system or attachment template from childhood that's causing you discomfort and difficulty in a close relationship. Despite your best intentions you find yourself behaving in ways that are surprising, or are too predictable and not working for you any longer. Your relationship may feel a sense of disconnect and like something is missing. You may feel confused, anxious, tense, exhausted, or doubtful of your choices and the way things have turned out. You wish for things to be better and are unsure how to do it.

​Relationships are hard - and there is so much contributing to our behavior, reactions, vulnerabilities, the way we handle conflict, and the partners we choose. My mission is to help you understand the entrenched patterns your mind and body has stored about relationships, heal the origins of your distress, improve the quality of your relationships, and to assist you in becoming the person, partner, or parent that you know you can be. ​


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Contact Information

Location: Boulder, CO
Phone: (970) 716-0008
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