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Dry Plants

EMDR Therapy

EMDR is an evidenced-based trauma treatment which includes eight phases. EMDR reduces sensitivity and activation to the feelings, thoughts, sensations, and images associated with a distressing or traumatic event. 

$175 for 50 minute sessions

Dabbing in Water

Play Therapy

Play is how children process. Synergetic Play Therapy is a nervous-system based approach that increases emotion and stress tolerance, self-regulation skills, brain development, and decreases maladaptive behavior.​

$175 for 50 minute sessions

Holding Hands

Couples Therapy

Our intimate relationships can be complicated by "triggers" from unresolved experiences in the past. PACT is a somatic based approach which targets the nervous system to create secure functioning relationships, lasting change, and fulfillment. 

$315 for 90-minute sessions

Sad on Couch

Somatic/Individual Therapy

Feeling stuck? Having emotional reactions or intrusive thoughts? Somatic psychotherapy can unlock the missing link from traditional talk therapy.

$175 for 50 minute sessions


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Contact Information

Location: Boulder, CO
Phone: (970) 716-0008
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