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Couples Therapy

We need therapy...

You and your partner may be struggling to manage conflict and emotions, work together, enjoy each other, or communicate with one another. Your concerns about this challenge has either been lingering for a while or an event happened which motivated you to search for couples therapy. You want to improve your relationship, how you communicate with each-other, and deepen your connection.

Intimate relationships intensify our lives by bringing our attachment system into the foreground. They often elicit emotions and trigger parts of ourselves that are less noticeable in friendships or work relationships. Because of this, partnership can be very complex. In my clinical work with couples I've seen that these complications are often caused by unresolved unconscious experiences from the past which are triggered in the present by our intimate relationships. The task and remedy is to understand why the activations and triggers happen and to learn how to navigate them efficiently together. These are skills that most of us were not modeled, but through couples therapy we can develop these ideal skills and create a secure functioning relationship. 


I'm a PACT therapist - PACT stands for the Psychobiological Approach to Couples Therapy. I create an environment to support you and your partner in improving your relationship. This type of couples therapy uses cognitive and somatic interventions and supports an increased ability to navigate conflict, a reduction of mental health symptoms, and deeper enjoyment and security in partnership. 

Couples Therapy Sessions are $315 for 90-minute sessions

*I can provide a superbill which you can submit independently to your insurance provider for possible reimbursement

One or both of you have experienced trauma or abuse

You feel unusually irritable or angry​ with each other

You have a difficult time agreeing on things

You feel disconnected

You feel resentment towards each other

You feel co-dependent

You fight a lot

You don't fight at all

You are preparing for a big transition (marriage, children, etc.)

You feel that your connection is different than before

You feel like you misunderstand each other

You need to repair from betrayal or infidelity

You have a good relationship and want make it better

You are passionate about relationship development

How do we know therapy is for us?

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