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Misty Slopes

Somatic Therapy

The verbal narrative and our perceptions of events are only half of the story. Our bodies and physiology also have a story to tell - one that intertwines with emotions, thoughts, and procedural (or unconscious) memory. You may have learned to disconnect, push away, or ignore your body. The work in somatic psychotherapy is to begin to understand the body's language and what has been encoded in it through your history. 

I work with a combination of somatic and cognitive interventions to help clients explore the connection between their mind, emotion, memory, and physiology. Together we'll work to understand your nervous system and develop strategies to work with it to help you reach your goals. Unlike traditional talk therapy, somatic therapy delves deeper, aiming to unearth the root causes of issues and cultivate new ways of being in the wold and within relationships.

I also work with clients on their relationships and attachment patterns - 

You may have inherited an operating system or attachment template from childhood that's causing you discomfort and difficulty in a close relationship. Despite your best intentions you find yourself behaving in ways that are surprising, or are too predictable and not working for you any longer. Your relationship may feel a sense of disconnect and like something is missing. You may feel confused, anxious, tense, exhausted, or doubtful of your choices and the way things have turned out. You wish for things to be better and are unsure how to do it.

Relationships are hard - and there is so much contributing to our behavior, reactions, vulnerabilities, the way we handle conflict, and the partners we choose. My mission is to help you understand the entrenched patterns your mind and body has stored about relationships, heal the origins of your distress, improve the quality of your relationships, and to assist you in becoming the person, partner, or parent that you know you can be. ​

$175 / 50 minutes

Longer sessions are prorated accordingly.

*I can provide a superbill which you can submit independently to your insurance provider for possible reimbursement

You have experienced trauma or abuse

You feel unusually irritable or angry​

You're feeling anxious, overwhelm, panic, or phobias

You're feeling depressed or stuck

You're dealing with grief and loss

You have a personality disorder

You have PTSD or other trauma/stress related disorder

You are passionate about self-development

You have challenges with flashbacks

You experience shut downs or aggression

You feel unable to relax

You have a hard time setting boundaries

You feel like your nervous system is "messed up"

You don't feel "like yourself"

You're having intrusive thoughts

How do I know therapy is for me?

I need therapy...

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